AMU 92-XG-3 (autodiagnose) wrote,
AMU 92-XG-3

002} Locked to Kage // Unhackable

Kage. Subject now scans clean and is ready for retrieval at your convenience.

{Backdated to the 16th, after this and this (adultcomm).}
Tags: !chase, !kage

  • 000

    There is no reason not to report to the medical bay if you are injured.

  • 004

    I apologize for my abrupt absence. The infirmary is now attended. Please report with all injuries and sicknesses. I will treat them.

  • 003

    We appear to have many newcomers. Greetings organic and semi-organic life forms. I am Autonomous Medical Unit 92-XG-3, or AMU. I am present to…

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